Trump Tune-Out

US President Donald Trump has fired off yet another controversial tweet. This time, it is about possibly delaying the 2020 election, something that has never happened in American history – and that he doesn’t even have the power to do.

Even during the US Civil War and the two World Wars, American elections were never put off. This does not seem to concern Trump, however, as this week he suggested the November election should be delayed to prevent any fraud that might result from mail-in voting. This comes after he repeatedly suggested that the election might be tainted by fraud if mail-in balloting is used widely as part of measures to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the media outrage over his suggestions was more than a little underwhelming. Given that reactions to Trump’s online antics have driven mainstream media schedules for more than four years, does this mean the MSM is finally burning out on The Donald?

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