Anti-Trump PAC Video With ‘Impotus Americanus’, ‘Molestus Epstein’ Fires Up Twitter

The Lincoln Project is a political action committee created by current and former Republicans in 2019 to prevent US President Donald Trump from being reelected in November and defeat his supporters in the Senate.

Falling in line with a series of disses against US President Donald Trump, a political action committee, The Lincoln Project, rolled out an animal-program-like video in which they characterized the president as “Impotus Americanus”. 

In a video titled “Nationalist Geographic”, The Lincoln Project describes Trump as one of the “heaviest leaders in the animal kingdom”, mocking him as being an “orange, ruddy color not found in nature”. 

“Though Impotus was once considered an alpha-predator, this elderly specimen now weighs over 300 pounds due to its diet of fast food”, according to the video narration.

Trump is not the only person ridiculed in the video, as the narrator notes that “Impotus” would formerly “pursue females with other predators like Molestus Epstein”, referring to the now-deceased paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a known associate of the president prior to his death in jail while awaiting trial for the sexual abuse of girls.

By the end of the video, Trump is labeled as a “Master of Deception” and the “Most Corrupt of its species”, with the narrator observing that the president is “considered endangered this November due to its own incompetence and failure”.